The Tradition of Burning Joss Paper by
A type of incense, joss paper has become increasingly popular in the United States. Woven from
natural fibers joss paper is often used to make prayer pads JinPaper Malaysia, tea leaves and prayer beads.
Woven joss can also be painted in colors and designs to make prayer rugs and keepsakes for
family members. Joss Paper is also used for making prayer cards and invitations for special

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Joss Paper comes from a tree native to China. Often called Chinese Cedar Joss, it is now being
used around the world as a source of incense. Joss Paper is made from fine, white moss fibers
collected from white cedar trees. The fibers are cut into strips and each strip is then woven
together to make one beautiful sheet. Joss Paper is made into beautiful prayer pads, tea leaves
and prayer beads by hand using the same process that the Chinese have always done.
In traditional Chinese culture, people use burning joss paper as a source of good luck and
fortune. The practice of burning joss paper for luck and fortune dates back to the early days of
the communist Chinese government. It was believed that burning joss paper would bring
prosperity and happiness to whoever would burn it. It was also believed that anyone who burned
joss paper would be able to see ghosts.

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In addition to its use in Feng Shui, the Chinese also used it to appease their spirits. Anyone
could burn joss paper in order to appease their spirit. Burning joss paper offerings during the
Hungry Ghost Month helped bring food to the households of the bereaved during this time of
year. When the month of November came around, people would also burn joss paper offerings
in order to appease their deceased relatives and loved ones.
As Christianity spread throughout China, so did the practice of burning joss paper for good luck
and abundance. The Chinese would use less paper to decorate their homes and give blessings
to those who would follow their religious practices. In Chinese culture, a home is considered a
temple if it is adorned with rich, brightly colored joss paper and objects that are used to signify
the deceased. There are many traditions and customs that surround the burning of incense.
These items symbolize different things, like the earth, animals, and Heaven.
In the United States, people use burning joss papers during Good Friday and Christmas in order
to appease their dead relatives and loved ones. People also use these rituals to bring prosperity
and abundance to their lives. There are many different stories and myths surrounding the idea
of pleasing the departed. It is unclear which tradition came first, but either way, the Chinese
people have been pleasing their departed ancestors and friends for centuries. Now you can
experience this same tradition at home.