Roulette is one of the oldest and most famous casino games ever, it has stood the test of time because of its theatrical nature, the excitement, and the uncertainty. One of the most tantalizing sounds in the casino world is hearing that little ball rattling around as it heads to its final destination, to crush the hopes or make the dreams come true of those eager spectators. There is no doubt roulette will be around for much longer in one form or another, but as the casino world moves ahead with technology, what variations may we expect to see in the future?

Online casinos are now one of the most booming businesses on the internet, and the competition between different companies, and different game producers is fierce. Because of this, a lot of the classic casino games of old, have taken up new forms in the computerized world. Take slot machines, for example: the days of the one-armed bandit are long gone. Now there are thousands of different themes available, based on hit TV shows, films, moments in history, you name it.

Even roulette has moved with the curve in some respects. Although there are still traditional roulette games available on all online casino sites, a lot of places have now added more ways to play the game. Keeping it fresh and exciting is one way that online casino rivals try to outdo each other. There are now multi-wheel forms of the game, downsized wheels with fewer numbers, and a lot of sites now have live links to real world roulette games as well. Players can place their chips on the numbers on the computer screen, but the live link takes them to a land-based casino where a real croupier will spin the wheel.

So, what forms of roulette could players expect to see in the future? It is intriguing to think what online casinos might do when virtual reality hits the mainstream. Many gamers have already been speculating as to how online casinos will make the switch to this format. A criticism of online casinos in the past has been that they can’t recreate the atmosphere of land-based casinos. Perhaps virtual reality could change this.

In the future, players may slip on the virtual reality headset, and actually walk up to the roulette wheel as they would do in a real casino. Some traditionalists may think that this is more of a step back, but the fact is, players will be able to do this any time, wherever they are. It could be during a lunch break at work, or waiting to pick the children up from school – players could enter the virtual reality and play a few games.

Another way in which roulette could evolve is in combining with other popular games. How about a roulette blackjack hybrid where players have to win a bet on the wheel before being dealt a blackjack hand?

Anything is possible, and fans of roulette should expect to see more changes over the coming years, as online casinos strive to outdo their rivals.